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Finish Stronger

August 19, 2016

Finish Stronger

Burn Boot Camp loves a good finisher. It’s the last five minutes of the workout when your body changes the most. As you finish, your mind surpasses all limits and your body performs at 100% until the end. It’s the perfect end to a killer 45-minute camp.

Raegan Falk, Head Trainer and Owner of Burn Boot Camp Greater Gaston, and Isaiah Johnson, Head Trainer of Greater Gaston, tell all about the different types Finishers and why they matter.

The Finisher: Burst, Max Rep, and Partner.

Burst Training means 4-5 rounds of an exercise, pushing yourself 30 seconds and breaking for 15 seconds. The goal is to keep the heart rate up and keep moving to burn fat.

Max Rep means that there’s a certain rep goal to reach in the last few minutes. For example, 100 jump knee tucks in 3 minutes, GO! The goal in your head is like the finish line in a race. You have to get there, and you will.

The last type of Finisher is a Partner Finisher. When you feel like you can’t do another rep, the motivation of working with someone else will help you finish strong.

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