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Hey Burn Fam

Hey Burn Fam

September 14, 2017


Hey Burn Fam, It’s Fine…

If you plan your grocery shopping, laundry, lunch dates and dinner plans around camp times.


To get your kids hooked on “Raising The Bar” with their household chores… and to cheer when your son makes up his bed in one minute and thirty six seconds.


If you walk up the stairs post leg day feeling like you’ve suddenly aged 40 years.


If you’re idea of a “juice cleanse” is skipping your favorite glass of wine at girls night. Check out that motivation!


To spend an excessive amount of time doing laundry so that you can re-wear your Burn gear every week. We don’t judge!


To have a favorite spot on the floor at camp … and to be childishly territorial of it.


To unfollow that one Instagram account that posts 1,500 pictures of food each day. You don’t need that temptation in your life!


To feel like you’ve just hiked Mt. Everest whenever you hit a new personal record… and to share the proof on Facebook, Instagram and every social media platform you’re a part of.


To hide a secret stash of Shaklee bars in your car console so that you can get your protein fix the minute you leave your sweat session.


To confuse your husband when you refer to your boot camp buddies as your “Burn Sisters.” You have to experience it to understand the bond you have!


We love our Burn family and the community that we have together! If you want to be more involved, sign up below and we’ll chat all the time!


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2 responses to “Hey Burn Fam”

  1. I have a spot on the floor. I have successfully moved people out of my spot. It is embarassing, but it is my spot.

  2. Favorite spot on gym floor…. spot on. It’s like sitting in the same pew at church every Sunday. ?