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How To Love Your Problems

January 9, 2017


When you’re facing a problem it can seem very overwhelming. Challenges have a tendency to boggle our minds and send us into a tailspin the moment they hit our plate. They can easily turn a good day into a bad one, and derail all of our short and long term goals. Today we’re going to talk about my latest video How To Love Your Problems. This video teaches you how to tackle obstacles head on by asking yourself 5 simple questions. These questions will help you flip your problem into something that can teach you valuable lessons as you continue on your journey in life. Remember, as I always say, problems are simply unanswered questions! Let’s break it down…


What To Ask Yourself

What’s Great About This? How are you going to turn this so called “problem” into something that is going to benefit you in the long run? What are some of the positive effects that could come from this negative situation?

What’s Not Perfect Yet? Why is this problem happening? What is it teaching us? How is it insinuating that we should change and improve?

What Am I Willing To Do? What are the steps you’re going to take now? What can you do to make this situation turn into something beneficial? Make a game plan.

What Am I Not Willing To Do? What are the circumstances that you want to avoid? How are you going to stand strong in yourideas and not let this problem change the path you’re on?

How Can I Enjoy This Process? How is this problem going to change my attitude and perspective? How am I going to let this trial influence my life for the better?

How To Love Your Problems

These 5 questions are simple, straightforward and guaranteed to deliver success. They teach us how to LOVE our problems, love the outcome, and love a challenge. They remind us that change is inevitable, and problems are simply unanswered questions waiting to be resolved. So now it’s time for you to take action. Don’t let those challenges knock you down. Keep moving. How are you going to LOVE your problems in 2017?

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