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Reach 10,000 Steps At Work Easily

Step Up To The Challenge

We can lose focus of our goals fast when we become busy with life. Luckily, we can incorporate our active lifestyle into our workday easily.

Chris Stephenson, who is the Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Wake Forest, wants to challenge us to reach 10,000 steps at work, every day.

Get Moving

Currently, our world is always moving at light speed. Instead of taking the easy way out and parking in the first spot, park in the last spot. You’ll get in the habit and move more!

Use the stairs to your advantage. Just because you walked a few extra steps from your car to the building doesn’t mean you stop there.

Additionally, get creative when you take the stairs. Do some lunges or speed up your pace to get your heart rate up.

Another tip is to get active during your lunch break. Take a walk or use it as your time to get a quick workout in. You’ll regain focus and mental clarity to get right back into working hard.

Get your coworkers involved by offering “walking meetings” or by setting goals together. This will create healthy relationships and help you stay active.

Don’t Stop This Winter

The temperatures are dropping, but that’s not stopping us. We’re athletes here at Burn Boot Camp and we’ll continue to crush goals.

Try to get outside if the temperatures aren’t dangerously cold. This gets blood pumping and can boost your mood! Take the dogs for a walk or have a family outing at the park.

If you have family coming to visit, don’t use it as an excuse to skip camp. Bring your friends and family along! Saturdays are free to the public, and we are always offering a 14 day free test drive.

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