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Lindsay Bushnell

Meet Burn Athlete of the Month Lindsay Bushnell

March 16, 2017

Becoming a Burn Athlete doesn’t come easy. You have to set your sights high to earn a title like this! The men and women that become Burn Boot Camp Athletes sweat and sacrifice to earn the opportunity to join such an elite group. They work hard to get shredded in the gym, cut back in the kitchen, and model the utmost health and nutrition as a representative of Burn Nation. Our monthly ‘What’s In Your Gym Bag’ monthly feature, gives an inside look at what makes our Burn Athletes blaze bright against all other fitness communities. For the month of March we decided to feature Lindsay Bushnell, owner and trainer of Burn Boot Camp – Elizabeth in Charlotte, NC! Let’s see what’s in Lindsay’s gym bag…

Burn Athlete Name

Lindsay Bushnell



What is your position with Burn?

Owner Trainer

How did you find out about Burn?

My friend and neighbor (Mandy) brought me to Burn when I passed the 6 week clearance after my second c-section. After being a client for a few weeks, I met Kyle (one of my trainers at HQ) and fate made us business partners. Two years later, I’m an owner and trainer at our facility – Burn has truly changed my life for the better!

Go-to workout routine?

I’m a strength training girl – give me weights and I’m happy! For that reason, I do love cardio to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. I’ll usually do a Burn cardio workout with a 30-45 minute weight training circuit in the afternoon.

Favorite burst training workout?

Battle rope slams, hands down!

Favorite strength training workout?

I set up a circuit of 3-4 targeted muscle groups (i.e. biceps, triceps or shoulders) and do 10 reps of my normal weight at each one, then 8 reps of 5 pounds heavier for the second round, 6 reps with heavier for the third round. Top it off with a light weight, high rep until exhaustion round.

Favorite cardio workout?

Cardio is definitely not my strong suit but I love tabata training. I can mentally justify 20 seconds of hard work and I always walk away feeling exhausted and satisfied.

Go-to pre workout snack?

A banana or half cup oats with 1 egg and 3 egg whites scrambled.

Go-to post workout snack?

Afterburn shake and Shaklee Chocolate Peanut Butter Meal Bar – YUM!

Favorite healthy meal?

Anything with chicken – I can (and do) eat it with every meal! One of my favorites is a casserole with quinoa, salsa and shredded chicken.

Favorite healthy restaurant in your area?

Viva Chicken. It’s about two blocks from the gym and we eat there at least once a week!

Workout equipment you couldn’t live without?

Dumbbells and pull up bar

Favorite athletic apparel?

Lululemon and Under Armour

Favorite workout song?

Eminem – Not Afraid

Favorite inspirational quote?

The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances.


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