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Posture 101 LIVE from LaCrosse

August 8, 2016

Sit Up Straight

Most people don’t understand the importance of good posture and end up settling for what feels best. Even if slouching feels more comfortable on your upper body, it can be affecting your spine in a multitude of ways because the spine is intricately designed and meant to maintain a certain shape.

Jeff Winkers, Head Trainer with Burn Boot Camp LaCrosse, gives us all we need to know about why good posture is important and how to improve poor posture.

It’s Easier Than You Think

While it may seem impossible to fix poor posture, simple changes like tightening your abs and tucking your tail bone will help to greatly improve posture.

Some exercises that help with posture are:

-Super Man: this move engages back muscles to increase strength to sit up straight

-Band Pull Apart: this move pulls back muscles and shoulders upward

-Shrugs: this last move engages shoulders


Don’t Get Stuck With Poor Posture!

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