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Project 90

Nuff Said…

May 24, 2017

With each new week at Burn comes new obstacles to face and goals to chase. Maggie is working hard and she’s not letting anything stop her! Read her latest Project 90 post and see what’s she been up to over the last few weeks…


May 8

“The gym is my playground.”

Do you remember recess as a kid? Back in my elementary school days we had multiple recess sessions and we had jungle gyms, monkey bars, metal slides, swings and all sorts of other playground equipment that is probably deemed unsafe today. My favorite was always the monkey bars. We’d patiently wait our turn in line to try and break a speed record going across or try to use one hand per bar as you made it over an imaginary moat of alligators. Getting blisters on your hands was the one sure-fire way to be sidelined, and that was long before your arms gave out on you. Now, decades later, those “monkey bars” may be my newest nemesis.

Today was ‘upper body’ and for one of the circuits you needed to hang from the bright blue monkey bar set up (I’m sure there’s a more official name for this) in the middle of the gym. A great thing about Burn is that the trainer will demonstrate the exercise and then offer a modification in case you need that – and I usually need that! Today I wanted to challenge myself so I stepped up onto the platform below the bars, got my grip, went to left my feet off the platform and promptly dropped to the ground. I know my upper body has a long way to go, but that did not make me feel like the kid who could fly across the playground bars all those years ago. I modified the exercise and still got a really great workout, but lemme tell ya – I WILL conquer that exercise eventually!! Kudos to the women in my camp that held that exercise throughout the whole circuit, and to all the women who walked in the door today!

May 9

“Friends don’t let friends skip leg day.”

Today was leg day and we had to run outside in the rain. ‘Nuff said…


May 10

“You gotta hustle for the muscle!”  

One of my favorite outdoor activities is kayaking. I hit the water for the first time about two years ago and from that point on I have enjoyed the rhythm of paddling; the quiet that surrounds me and the up close and personal view of wildlife. Although, when I gained a little too much weight, I felt uncomfortable sitting in the kayak and was surprised to find that I got tired just a little quicker with longer paddles. One of my goals with Project 90 is to improve my overall fitness so I can better enjoy this favorite pastime. Nothing stinks more than paddling a couple miles down the river and then remembering you have to paddle back. My trusty kayak companion is my dog Sandy and I know she is ready and waiting to get in the water this year!

 Project 90

May 11

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

For some reason this week has been really tough; I mean really, really tough. I would have expected week 1 to kick my butt, but week 2 has been a different kinda beast for some reason. Maybe the circuits are set up to be more challenging; maybe my body was in denial last week and thought all this working out stuff would pass; I really don’t know…. I must have really looked like a hot mess a couple times this week because I had more than a few ladies high fiving me while switching between circuits. Maybe they were quickly checking my pulse to see exactly how high those numbers were getting. But the encouragement was welcomed and gave me some added energy.

I’m continuing to log all my food this week and I’m still not getting to my target amount of daily calories. That is such a mental block for me to get over; eat more so I can lose more weight. Seems counterintuitive. Next focus meeting is next week so hoping to see some movement on those stats!


Comment below and offer Maggie some encouraging words as she continues her Project 90 journey! How cute does she look kayaking with her dog? What a fun way to stay active and spend time outdoors! Leave your email below to keep track of Maggie’s adventure!

One response to “Nuff Said…”

  1. Maggie, I can totally relate to your challenges in meeting the calorie goals. My trainer started me low and we just increased the calories every month and to my great surprise the more I ate, the more weight and body fat I lost. Logging faithfully really helped me get to my calorie and macros goals and once I saw results I just had to trust the trainer. It’s amazing how much nutrition affects your body. My 90 days transformation blew my mind. I encourage you to work as hard on the nutrition as you work in the gym. It really works!