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Guide To Running Smart

September 12, 2016

Pace Yourself

Running tends to be the exercise of choice. But there is a lot more to running than simply running. We’re here to help you learn more about the different aspects of running. The biggest point being your Heart Rate. Your Heart Rate is incredibly important whether you’re running or completing a Burn Boot Camp Leg Day. As a result, it can help you keep your pace and let you know how much harder you need to push yourself.

Scott Tobin, Head Trainer at Burn Boot Camp Creedmoor, explains his 5 Lactic Threshold Heart Rate Zones. In simpler terms, the different zones to train in depending on your goals. Camp is a zone 5 while a light jog is a zone 1 or 2.

Train Smart

While these terms can seem scary, don’t let them scare you! These zones can help you develop a training program for running a 5K or Marathon. Scott presents how to get your own personalized numbers so that you can run smart. Check out the 5 LTHR zones are listed below:

Zone 1 Less than 85% of LTHR <
Zone 2 85% to 89% of LTHR
Zone 3 90% to 94% of LTHR
Zone 4 95% to 99% of LTHR
Zone 5a 100% to 102% of LTHR
Zone 5b 103% to 106% of LTHR
Zone 5c More than 106% of LTHR

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