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Ryne Robinson

August Trainer of the Month

August 8, 2017

Burn Boot Camp is known for hiring an elite group of the world’s best trainers. No matter the location, every Burn trainer exceeds expectations with overarching physical, mental and emotional strength. Ryne Robinson, Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp Fort Mill, SC, is no exception! Ryne works hard every day to better the lives of his clients and also continue to lead by example.

Let’s see what Ryne, our August Trainer of the Month, has to say about his day to day life as a Burn Boot Camp trainer…

Burn Trainer / Athlete Name

Ryne Robinson


Fort Mill

What is your position with Burn?


How did you find out about Burn?

 A mutual friend introduced me to Devan Kline

Go-to workout routine?

Mainly something sports related with a task and a goal at hand. I love basketball or baseball…. with some heavy lifting late in the week to burn calories over the weekend on my reset day!

Favorite burst training workout?

 My favorite burst training killer is a weighted press jacks with a bent over row superset

Favorite strength training workout?

 I love upper body day. I’m definitely a “beach muscles” type of guy. Magically, my chest never grows though. I like to mash all of my upper body exercises together. For instance, chest press with rows, pull ups with push ups and overhead tricep extensions and then finish each round with some abs and back flies.

Favorite cardio workout?

 I use basketball and running and hitting golfballs as cardio, if that last one even counts. Jump rope is another favorite of mine.

Go-to pre workout snack?

 Protein energy bites are my go to snack most of the time for almost everything, but especially before a workout, because they are easy to keep down.

Go-to post workout snack?

Afterburn shake and some apple slices are my favorite post

Favorite healthy meal?

Chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes is my favorite go to healthy meal.

Favorite healthy restaurant in your area?

“Be Good” is a great restaurant in the Fort Mill area as well as Get Fit Food.

Workout equipment you couldn’t live without?

I hold my jump rope and ab wheel dear to my heart. They are multifaceted and travel well!

Favorite athletic apparel?

My compression tights are my life, along with my shoes.

Favorite workout song?

This changes on a daily basis because I’m really into my music, but RickRoss ‘Purple Lamborghini’ gets me a tad fired up!

Favorite inspirational quote?

“Have a plan, work the plan, and plan for the unexpected” – This is mostly my favorite because it applies to everything in life! My college football coach, the late Terry Hoeppner used to say that to me. It has been a useful reminder when things get tough or confusing.

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  1. Congrats Ry!!!!! You really are the best trainer in the Universe! #burnfortmill #bleedblue