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Written Goals

The Power of Written Goals

April 12, 2017

As my career continues to unfold and develop in ways I could’ve never imagine, right before my eyes, I wanted to share with you one simple sentence my father shared with me during my childhood. This sentence changed the way I live my life forever and gave me the tools to truly know myself from a young age…

We were working around the yard one day in the summer heat and he looked right at me, wiping sweat from his brow and said “find what you love. Do that and you’ll never work a day in your life.”


To my young mind the concept sounded so simple and so pure. And the truth is that it is!!!! Although, just because it’s SIMPLE doesn’t make it EASY. That’s why so few of us pursue our purpose in life, or even get the opportunity to know ourselves on a fundamental level! The demands of life are many, so you must CREATE the space in your life to get to know yourself!

You see, I think we often UNDER value the importance of getting to KNOW ourselves; our wants, aspirations, goals and deepest desires in life. So many of us are busy running from task, to appointment, to meeting, to errands that we never really sit with ourselves and gather our thoughts long enough to take inventory. Instead we stomp on our dreams, and squash our desires and stuff our hopes where they never catch the light. My dad’s simple words of advice carried an impact far greater than either of us could’ve realized in that moment. I feel blessed to have received such guidance and direction early on in my life and it has lead me to this journey. For that I am forever grateful.


As we continue our MOST exciting challenge yet, Commit2Fit, I want you to steal 20 minutes of your own time and pursue the following exercise to get to KNOW YOURSELF better.


Put Your Goals on Paper

  1. Go to a quiet or dark room
  2. Play some relaxing music on your headphones or sit in silence (your choice here…)
  3. Clear your mind and relax your shoulders (your mind will have thoughts that come and go, this is normal, just don’t react to anything you think about. If a worry comes to mind, tell yourself you’ll get to it in a few minutes! NOTHING is important right now!)
  4. After 4 minutes (you can take a timer with you) break out a journal and a pen.
  5. Write down your top 3 goals for the following time frames: one month, three months, and one year! They can be fitness related or not, it’s completely up to you!
  6. Then ask yourself the MILLION dollar question What do YOU really want? List your values and priorities in order! Keep writing! You will be surprised at the number of things that are drawn out in this exercise. The clarity you find will provide you with massive strength to pursue your goals!


As your trainer and expert in everything fitness related I would NEVER ask you to do anything I cannot do or haven’t personally tried myself. I’ve done a variation of this exercise many times in my own life and it’s always AMAZED me at the amount of energy, focus, and clarity that this brings into my life! Knowing yourself is so powerful and grounding!

You see, it is often not a lack of sleep that fractures our energy, it is simply the amount of demands PLACED on our energy that dilute our true strength!


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