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The Top 8 Best Ways to Spend Summer with Your Best Friend

June 7, 2024

Is there any better feeling than spending the summer with your best friends? We’re obviously excluding the post-workout feeling you get after overcoming the Finisher in Camp, because nothing can really beat that.

School is out, so you can spend extra time with your Burn Besties during coordinated play dates for your kids or take Camp together while your little ones have fun at Childwatch. The days are longer, so you can take day trips to the beach or a nearby city in a car full of your friends. Summer is about creating core memories, laughing at inside jokes, and spending time with the community you love. Whether you’re embarking on a spontaneous road trip or simply lounging together in the backyard, every moment is great when you share your summer with those who know you best.

We’ve put together some of our favorite ways to spend summer with our best friends so you can build your summer bucket list. Grab your Burn besties and let this summer be a season of bonding, growth, and pure joy as you continue to support each other on your fitness journeys.


From cropped tanks fit for the warm weather and outdoor workouts, to oversized sweatshirts that are perfect for cozy movie nights, we have the best activewear for your summer wardrobe. What better way to sport your new summer look than to get a matching piece for your best friend? Our wide range of sizes make it easy to show off the same styles as your bestie. If you’re not into wearing the exact same look, the coordinating color scheme of each activewear collection allows you to wear tees and tanks that complement each other without looking like twins. No matter how you want to show off your summer styles, there is something for everyone when you shop in gym or online at the Burn Boot Camp shop.


One of the most nostalgic ways to spend your summer is breaking out the arts and crafts. Making friendship bracelets isn’t just for people attending a concert. No matter who you are, crafting friendship bracelets with your friends can strengthen your bond. Set up your bracelet-making kits in your coziest spot and choose your favorite colorful threads and beads. Whether you’re keeping it simple with classic patterns, experimenting with funky designs, or making them Burn-branded with the classic yellow and blue combination, these DIY accessories are not only a fun way to pass the time but also a cool memento from your summer adventures. 


Grab your best friend and get ready to inspire each other with 15-minute Camps that increase your strength, endurance, and connection. Partner Workouts through Burn On Demand are a great way to get in a quick Camp while you and your friends are hanging out or on a tight schedule. We’ve designed these workouts so you and your Burn bestie can challenge and encourage each other, with high fives and good vibes throughout every rep. After all, those who sweat together stay together. Take advantage of your 7-day free trial and download the Burn Boot Camp app today. 


Are you more of a spontaneous traveler or do you have the map and itinerary at all times? Either way, a road trip with your crew is hands down one of the best ways to spend those long, sunny days. Pack some snacks, grab your friends, and hit the road for the best summer adventure. Picture it: windows down, cruise control set, and you’re listening to your favorite playlist, or even better, our podcast. The Burn Boot Camp Podcast presents the real deal on fitness and nutrition, explores the power of mindset and accountability, and answers all your burning questions. New episodes release every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify so you never miss an episode. Are you ready? Grab the map (or let’s be real, just wing it with GPS), buckle up, and get ready for an unforgettable experience with our podcast blasting through your speakers.


Continuing to show up day after day is something that you should be proud of, especially when you’re in the season of summer vacations and relaxing by the pool. You’re not only showing up for you, but for your family, your friends, and your Burn besties. Document each memory made at Camp this summer by taking a sweaty selfie with the people who pushed you past the Finisher. We can’t wait to see your sweaty selfies, so don’t forget to post them on Instagram and tag Burn Boot Camp so we can see all that you’re accomplishing.


Rainy summer afternoons are the perfect excuse to stay inside and host a movie night for your friends. You can make it as simple or as exciting as you want. Whether you’re hosting outside with a big projector screen and string lights or piling up on the couch, everyone loves getting together to watch a movie. Pick out your favorite film, grab all the best blankets, and prep some high-protein snacks. Not sure how to fill popcorn and candy with protein? Try some our fan-favorite protein-packed recipes that your friends are sure to love. This edamame guacamole is a not only a delicious appetizer, but it’s also a clean source of protein. Forget the Chinese takeout and make this protein-packed vegan pad thai instead. Ice cream and cookies always have their place, but if you want to sneak some extra protein in the desserts, try making this vanilla berry ice cream recipe or baking a batch of giant triple chocolate protein cookies.


You know it’s summertime when you’re cooling off from the heat by sipping your favorite summer drinks. Whether you crave green apple, peach, or pink lemonade, we have nutrition products that can help you create delicious mocktails all summer long. Don’t forget to add Creatine so you can spend more time out in the sun and less time recovering from Camp. Here is a one of our favorite refreshing mocktail recipes so you can recreate it with your best friends:

Green Apple Twist


  • 1 scoop of Green Apple Ignite
  • 3/4 of an ounce of lime juice
  • 1/2 an ounce of cinnamon simple syrup
  • Ice
  • Ginger beer
  • Lime wheel for garnish


  1. In a shaker bottle, combine Ignite, lime juice, and simple syrup
  2. Shake in your favorite shaker bottle
  3. Pour over a glass of ice
  4. Top off with a splash of ginger beer
  5. Garnish with a lime and enjoy!


Summer screams pool parties. They’re the ultimate way to beat the heat and have a guaranteed good time with your friends. Pack the pool with colorful inflatables and stock up on the sunscreen. Don’t forget to load the cooler with refreshing snacks and drinks to keep everyone fueled and hydrated. Our seasonal Piña Colada Afterburn makes the perfect protein-packed smoothies. Cool off from the heat by turning Orange and Lemon Lime Replenish into hydrating popsicles that the group chat will be talking about for weeks. Shop these essential pool party ingredients in gym so you can get the (pool) party started.

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