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Turn It Up Thursday : BURN BEATS

January 5, 2017


There are countless components that go into a motivating workout. Atmosphere, a skilled and enthusiastic trainer, a team of peers to build you up and keep you moving, necessary fitness equipment… the list goes on and on. Over here at Burn, we pride ourselves on having the whole package, and you can’t have the whole package without awesome music. Get ready to turn up the volume!


Today is the first day of our new series, Turn It Up Thursday! Every week will be sharing the tunes that we have blasting at our headquarters gym, and give you the chance to listen to them on your own time and schedule! You will be able to follow our weekly playlists to help you stay driven and excited to accomplish your fitness goals, even when you’re not at the nearest Burn.


This week’s playlist, Burn Beats, has the hottest hits for when you’re hitting the weights. So get ready to ‘Work From Home’ and get your adrenaline pumping and body moving. It’s time to let the Burn Beat drop. Turn it up!


One response to “Turn It Up Thursday : BURN BEATS”

  1. Love this! Sometimes forces beyond my control – work, traffic, malaise, – waylay my plans to workout. Then I deeply regret it later in the evening. With this fun music & guidance, I can GET IT DONE! Thank you for your never ending motivation & creative ways to keep us moving!