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Veteran Succeed As Entrepreneurs

We asked some of our Franchise Partners who served in the military to share their stories, which we are proudly sharing in honor of Veterans Day this month. Burn Boot Camp empowers the Veteran and military small business community during every step of their journey – whether they are dreaming of owning their own business or looking to open a second location.

What inspired you to become a Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partner?

“I am the proud partner of a United States Air Force fighter pilot – the fighter pilot spouses are a unique group that has created a community most others will never experience. We share a lifestyle that brings us together like a family with encouragement, traditions, and understanding. The first time I attended a Burn Boot Camp, I saw that community unfolding and being available to every woman with access to a Burn. I was inspired to bring what the Air Force has given me to every woman that can be reached by Burn. 

My inspiration was two-fold: I am also a mother of two and suffered from severe postpartum depression. We were living in a small town at the time and I was lacking an outlet from the depression. I felt completely alone and I think back and realize how much a 45-minute workout and the sense of community I feel would have changed my life. I want to be that outlet for someone who needs it.”  Bethany McVay, Franchise Partner, Las Vegas, NV

“It started with Karen working as a BA in Montgomery and seeing how much she enjoyed it. Then I tried a workout, which I loved, and saw the culture. We were planning to move and Karen was sad to leave Burn, so we decided to take Burn with us.” Jason Roberts, Franchise Partner, Auburn, AL

“After witnessing the transformation Burn Boot Camp made in my wife’s life both mentally and physically I knew this was something special. The impact on the community and the group of women involved is nothing short of amazing. From that point, I was completely sold on the Burn product/services and decided to make a long-term investment for our entire family. I’m extremely excited for the future as well as our family. I look forward to supporting my wife on her quest to impact new communities with all Burn has to offer.” Mike Humphrey, Franchise Partner, Summerlin, NV

“The opportunity to positively impact every community we touch.” Cody Burns, Franchise Partner, Mt. Pleasant, WI

How has Burn Boot Camp changed your life? Changed the lives of people in your community? 

“Burn changed my life by lighting a fire inside of me and giving me the confidence to pursue my goals Burn provides a community for every person who walks in the door and inspires them to be better. This was no different for me. In my case, it provided the push and inspiration to explore my talents and discover new passions, through which I have changed my outlook on life and has provided an outlet in which to discover my purpose. From the inspiration to be healthy by being a member, to become inspired as an entrepreneur to fueling me to inspire others through opening my own Burn Boot Camp doors. The list is endless, but the most important goes back to my mental health. Burn Boot Camp helps my physical fitness, but more importantly, it improves my mental well-being. It’s no secret that exercise improves mental health, but the values and family of Burn provide positive brainfood. The ‘bleed blue’ atmosphere infuses goodness and positivity into your mind and soul.” Bethany McVay

Our goal is to create a welcoming and supportive community in and outside of our gym.” Jason Roberts

“Burn Boot Camp is a community like no other and if you let them they will change your life and the lives of those around you. For me, it started with my wife becoming a member and then a trainer, she got our entire family bleeding blue, it’s contagious! Now we’re franchise partners and can’t wait to open our doors and do our part to continue changing lives.” Mike Humphrey

“It helped me grow up VERY fast. I had to mature and step up to the plate. Being that Burn is so fast-paced, and everybody’s role at Burn is so impactful, everyone has the opportunity to make an impact time and time again, and change lives. So you have to be on your A-game all the time. It forces you to be the best version of yourself every day because you have to show up for others. Without Burn, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Our community has also grown so much. As I’ve grown, our team and our members have grown right alongside me. You get to see your members develop into these amazing human beings, that, during their first camp, could barely do a push-up and now they not only take that push-up from their toes, but they’ve become business owners themselves, or they’re shooting for that job promotion, or getting out of a toxic relationship they never thought they’d be strong enough to leave. It all starts with doing that one simple push-up and told you can do something. Being able to make that impact on people is amazing.” Cody Burns

What parallels do you see between your military career and your experience owning a Burn Boot Camp? 

“While I myself am not a military member, being a military spouse holds undeniable parallels to owning a Burn Boot Camp. As a military family, we survive off the community and are only as good as the military family we become a part of. My husband’s career field is a smaller community with pride in its heritage. Because of this, traditions are held in high regard and uniformly recognized across the world. These traditions combined with the shared experiences of deployments, moves, constant adjustments, etc., create a bond. There is a comfort in knowing when you show up to a new place there are other people who understand. When you meet a fellow military spouse there is an instant connection. The Kline’s have fostered within the Burn community a similar sense of belonging the minute you walk through the doors. This sense of familiarity and inclusion is something I wish to perpetuate as I feel this level of comfort, familiarity, and the common bond is something the world needs more of.

On the business side, being a military spouse has made me resilient and adaptable. I have learned how to navigate what many would consider impossible situations while supporting my family and community in times of transition. With six moves in five years, I learned to provide stability in an unsettled environment. I have realized that the word “unsettled” initially sounds like a bad thing; but as I overcame the difficulties and the setbacks, I realized unsettled is exactly what I wanted to be. I am not settling with the excuse that I can’t run a business because we move. I have thrived in this lifestyle and that shows me I am capable, Burn just opened the door.” Bethany McVay

It’s all about teamwork. Everyone has to be on the same page and understand the overall goals, in order to achieve success.” Jason Roberts

“Generally, military personnel/veterans have strong problem solving and strategizing skills (especially United States Marines, OK I’m a little biased), they are great at mentoring team members and overall just become natural-born leaders in their civilian careers. Veterans are more prepared to take on the responsibility of supporting the numerous needs of a business and typically provide a selfless brand of leadership that often inspires hard work and loyalty. I’m confident these traits and skills that I’m grateful to have instilled in me have also become the norm within our family and with the help and guidance provided by Burn HQ our locations will not only be a huge success but also have an impact on the community in which we live. Semper Fi.” Mike Humphrey

“Number one would be discipline. As a Franchise Partner, you have no one to hold you accountable but yourself, you have to have a lot of personal responsibility. The same thing in the military, there’s a lot at stake and if you mess up it all rolls downhill. They preach discipline in training and make the training scenarios so tough so that you know how to handle them. I walk into Burn the same way I walked into those tough situations; I treat every day like it might be my last and show up in a big way.

Two is leadership. I have learned so much about how to develop others and how to communicate effectively in the military, and I’ve been able to carry that over and see the impact while at Burn. I have a very dominant personality and to be able to use that power to lead others into being their most successful selves makes me very happy.” Cody Burns

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