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4 Fun fitness dates to try with your Valentine

February 14, 2018


Devan Kline

Going to dinner and a movie can happen any day of the week, so at Burn Boot Camp  we want to challenge couples to step outside the confines of traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations and create a deeper, unique bond founded on sweat!

Not to get too “science-y,” but dopamine, a chemical secreted from many parts of the brain as well as the Central Nervous System (CNS) is most often released by two things: feelings of love and the amazing energy you experience after a great workout. Putting this knowledge together, we challenge couples to work out together as your Valentine’s date.

The love and pride you’ll feel from taking this challenge will translate into addiction and motivation. What couple doesn’t want to be addicted to and motivated by each other and their own health? Working out with your partner is a great strategy to bond, hold each other accountable, laugh, and share a challenge together.

Now, we aren’t talking about any old workout. Just as you can go on a date night the other 364 days of the year, you can work out together, too! Valentine’s Day is about creating a unique experience that you’ll remember forever. Start a tradition of unique, physically active “dates” and conspire all year long to one-up last year’s experiences!

Here are four creative Valentine’s Day “sweat dates” that we recommend:

1. Hike a mountain

Drive or fly to the coolest mountainous area you can find/afford. Locate a trail and bring food, cameras, and maybe a little champagne! If the mountains aren’t accessible to you, then find a unique trail within driving distance and pack your bags.

It would even be fun to keep your destination a secret from your partner! Set up a picnic at the end of the trail beforehand and earn those extra (gluten-free) brownie points!

2. Boot camp on the beach

Head to the coast on a road trip or find a scenic lake destination–just get out of your town or city! Stop at a “hole in the wall” breakfast spot and fuel up before you hit the beach.

Have a walk, run, or boot camp exercise routine planned and bring your bathing suits for a post-workout dip. You may want to have a waterproof camera to capture these moments. Stay the whole day, and head to a restaurant on the beach for the sunset to cap it off.

3. Destination 5K

Where have you always wanted to go? Pick a destination, whether it’s in Europe or the next state over, and plan to run a 5k with your partner!

Instead of using your car to see the city, use your legs! Be sure to pack a drawstring bag and a selfie stick so you can stop and capture the fun memories. To those who are competitive, stick with your partner’s pace and experience the race together instead of waiting for them at the finish line! Find a local post-workout restaurant and reminisce about the experience.

4. Date on ice

Sledding, skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating are always unique ways to spend any time together. When there is love in the air, it won’t feel so cold after all!

Hot chocolate and snow on Valentine’s Day is super romantic. You may want to bring a GoPro camera to capture these precious moments!

I hope you find my sweat date ideas helpful. Just remember that Valentines’ Day is about sharing a unique life experience with the person you love the most–why not sneak in some exercise at the same time?

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