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Justina Fox

Make It Happen

March 14, 2017

Here at Burn Boot Camp we pride ourselves on inspiring others, empowering women and changing lives. We work hard to let our clients know that change isn’t just external, but internal as well. When you take care of your physical health, your mental health immediately improves and leaves you feeling positive and ready to conquer the world. Read how Justina chose to transform her life, increase her confidence and become the best version of herself!

Justina Fox – Burn Boot Camp, Woodstock, GA

Before Burn, I was overweight and out of shape. I suffered from anxiety and depression. Hormonal issues caused my weight to fluctuate up and down through the years. Getting fit on my own wasn’t working. Basically, I was completely uncomfortable and unhappy with whom I was physically and emotionally. I feared walking into a room full of women and being the most overweight person. I feared that people would judge me and focus on what I could not do. I did not want people to look at me and think to themselves “how does someone let himself or herself get this over weight? ”

Since August 10th, I have lost 74 pounds, 14% body fat, 31 inches and five pant sizes and it’s to be continued! Through Burn Boot Camp I found a community full of women that inspire and encourage each other every single day. (Thanks 6:30AM crew!) I was so afraid of being judged by my weight and ability. I found the opposite, unconditional acceptance. I’m a boot camp junkie! Going to camp every morning gives me tons of energy. I have met the best trainer, Jodie McGuff, who motivates and challenges me every class I attend. I have gained strength, and improved my coordination and balance. I no longer suffer from depression and anxiety. I do not shop at Lane Bryant anymore!

I am inspiring my children to make healthier lifestyle choices in nutrition and fitness. If mom can, they can too! The Burn Boot Camp lifestyle of clean eating, exercise and regular focus meetings to stay accountable has allowed me to take my life back again. For that, I am truly grateful. The past seven months have been difficult as well as challenging, but I’m looking forward to finishing my weight loss and keeping it off forever!

If you or someone you know is ready to transform their life and make it happen, follow our link below to sign up for your FREE 14 Day Test Drive!

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