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Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur?

  by Devan Kline Entrepreneurship is hot right now. The term itself has become a…

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10 Tips for Feeling Happier and Healthier at Home

  This time of year is all about feeling renewed, refreshed, and reenergized. We know…

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5 Ways to Raise Your Bar at Work in 2018

  One of the best parts about beginning a new year is feeling like you've…

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10 Tips for Committing to Raise The Bar

  It’s 2018, Burn Nation, and Raise the Bar 2.0 has officially begun! You’ve made…

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December Trainer of the Month: Colton Woyak

  We can't believe we're already nearing the end of 2017! This year we've recognized…

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My “Get Back on Track” Formula

  By Devan Kline Alright, I'll come clean: As hard as I try to stick…

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10 Healthy Sleeping Tips for Staying Energized

  At Burn, we know that your days spent balancing a family, work and other…

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Thanksgiving Recipes from the Kline Kitchen

by Devan and Morgan Kline Happy Thanksgiving, Burn Nation! We're so thankful to share another…

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When you think about a Thanksgiving feast, what comes to mind? A huge roasted turkey,…

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6 Tricks to Fire Up Body Fat Loss

We can probably all agree that eating healthy is a challenge. Especially when we can…